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Washglove SUPER PILE 307 Denim

Abyss & Habidecor

Abyss & Habidecor - Washglove SUPER PILE 307 Denim - 17x22 cm - 307 Denim

Washglove SUPER PILE 307 Denim

Abyss & Habidecor


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Product number: WHASUPE30700

Lovely soft and full terry with a refined cut.
100% egyptian cotton

These towels are woven with the finest Egyptian Giza cotton, 700gr/m2. These ultra soft and absorbing terry is the best you can get! The cut is refined with a matching colour bias border around the towels. You can perfectly combine the terry with matching bath rugs and bathrobes!
Wash at moderate temperatures (40°, occasionally at 60°) and definitely do not use a laundry product that contains bleaching products. Watch out for certain cleaning and cosmetic products that contain ingredients that can cause bleaching, such as some stain and anti-aging creams, products with alpha hydroxyl and fruit acid, hair coloring products, bathroom cleaners and teeth whitening products. Use liquid laundry detergent and preferably no fabric softener. Do not mix with other fabrics and garments (zippers, buttons and velcro can damage towels). Using the dryer is important to maintain the volume and suppleness of towels and bath mats. Dry at a moderate temperature and make sure the terry cloth is completely dry, this way it will last longer.