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Teixidors - Throw NEBULA - 140x180 cm - Grey




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Product number: PLUNEBU58903

Soft and light plaid in a cashmere-wool blend.

Handmade in Barcelona

50% sustainable cashmere 45% ecological Merino wool from France 5% sustainable hand combed baby yak wool

140 x 180 cm

Teixidors create unique, unrepeatable products made from the highest quality materials that always follow a completely manual process. Their project is not a romantic utopia; it is a work philosophy with a focus on singularity, on the beauty of unique items.

Teixidors drinks from the fountain of craft, tools, processes and attitude. They use classic wool looms, thread the best raw materials (merino wool, cashmere, linen ...) and follow a strict manual process. This is the core of their work, a recipe that combines tradition with a vision of the future.
Occasional airing and hanging outside is often sufficient for wool and cashmere products. If they do need to be washed, use a gentle detergent and wash on a special wool program. Rather let the machine do the work than with your own hand. Never, ever stick them in the dryer and do not use fabric softener.
Teixidors - Throw NEBULA - 140x180 cm - Grey Teixidors - Throw NEBULA - 140x180 cm - Grey Teixidors - Throw NEBULA - 140x180 cm - Grey