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Kitchen towel MBA


Coucke - Kitchen towel MBA - 50x75 cm - Rouge

Kitchen towel MBA



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Product number: KEUMBA000200

100% cotton

50x75 cm

When Coucke was founded in 1931 by René Coucke in the north of France, it was initially a brand of handkerchiefs and only later, in the 1970s, did they expand into table and kitchen linen. Today, Coucke specialises in jacquard and printed kitchen towels, focusing on the look, but especially on the quality of their products. They design a very wide range of styles, both traditional and modern. In recent years, kitchens have become a place for conviviality and pleasure. We prepare both grandmother's oven dishes and the latest dishes from trending blogs. It is in the kitchen where our personality and desires are expressed. A breath of emotion, pleasure and delicacy. With these 'new' cuisines in mind, Coucke is constantly working on new developments and creations.
Cotton is easy to maintain. Washing can be done incrementally (first at 30°, then 40° and finally it can be washed at 60°), can just be put in the dryer and ironing can be done to make the product softer and more beautiful. Beware of whiteners when the fabric is not 100% white.
Coucke - Kitchen towel MBA - 50x75 cm - Rouge Coucke - Kitchen towel MBA - 50x75 cm - Rouge